Catalyst associate finds entrepreneurial success

Deepak Nataraj, Principal Analyst with Catalyst Solutions and former U.S. Marine Corps infantryman, his wife Janani and father-in-law Doraiswamy Sundar, founded Caché District in 2017. The online bedding company brings quality and affordable organic bed linens to consumers.

ARTICLE BY TAMMIE SMITH Richmond Times-Dispatch Feb 25, 2018

Worried that bed sheets made of cotton treated with chemicals might not be the best thing to expose to their young children, a local family has launched a line of organic cotton bed linens.

Janani and Deepak Nataraj and her father, Doraiswamy Sundar, founded Caché District online bedding boutique in late 2017.

“We just couldn’t find what we were looking for in the price range we were looking for in the market,” Janani Nataraj said.

“We did find a few stores carrying organic cotton.” But the sheets weren’t the higher thread count they wanted, she said.

So they developed their own.

Caché District sells 400-thread-count, 100 percent pure organic cotton bedsheets, duvet covers and shams woven in a sateen weave. Janani Nataraj does the designs. The color palate is white, gold, orange and black, with various motifs and patterns.

“We’ve had all our cotton tested in the N.C. State textiles lab so that we can attest that it is 400-thread-count and organic and all cotton,” she said.

The linens are made of cotton grown in Karur, India, where a relative of Deepak Nataraj’s owns a textiles factory that has been in operation for more than 30 years.

“We worked with him to source the cotton, which is what really makes our product unique. Through him, we have been working with the mills to get it manufactured and bring it over here,” Deepak Nataraj said.

The endeavor is part time for them. Janani Nataraj, a lawyer, works for a bank. Her husband, a former U.S. Marine Corps infantryman, works for a defense contractor. Both came to the U.S. as children with their parents.

The products are sold online on, at and locally at shabby chic boutique Posh Couture On The Ave at 6509 Mechanicsville Turnpike across from the Honda dealership.

Prices start at $25 for shams and go up to $129 for king sheet sets and king-size duvet covers. Deepak Nataraj said they plan to add a crib-size sheet to the inventory this spring.

The founders invested personal funds to order the first shipment, and later raised about $10,000 in a crowd-funding campaign to support the business.

“We asked ourselves if we were doing the right thing. We have two small kids, a 3-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl,” Deepak Nataraj said.

“Trying to make it work was scary and a risk,” added Janani Nataraj.

“But I think it really came down to we really believe in this and the product and if we educate people and bring it to them, they will like it, too.”

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