Demonstrated Success

Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) for the Sensitive Compartmented Information Communications (SCI COMMS) program. Catalyst engineers directly supported ECP definition, development, and implementation. Delivered increased capability on an accelerated schedule within established cost goals.

Tactical Radio Antenna Modernization (TRAM) project produced a SME-defined value model for tactical radio antenna performance, an array of innovative antenna designs, simulated performance data, and specific prototype designs. Sponsor cited the remarkably high volume and superior quality of research/work delivered within the project’s budget.

Subject matter expertise influenced tailored System Engineering and Technical Review (SETR) events for E-LMR led to a favorable (on cost, schedule, and performance) Milestone C Decision with the MDA (Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command)



Professional Services

Concept Design & Planning
Technical Analysis
Requirements Analysis
Configuration Management
System Upgrades & Modernization
Data Management
Decision Analysis
Systems Engineering & Technical Reviews