Integration: The Undercurrent of Success

Combining the wisdom for developing new idea.

2018 was an impactful year for Catalyst. Our company celebrated its eighth year in business, welcomed over twenty new employees, and began new work with SPAWAR Atlantic, Marine Corps System Command (MCSC), Marine Corps Tactical System Support Activity (MCTSSA), and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Disease (USAMRIID). Our mutually supporting disciplines of research, engineering, and management worked together to produce original solutions with relevance and longevity.

During our exciting year of growth, Catalyst expanded in our existing capabilities to include strategic engagement through professional event planning, marketing, and market research. These specific additions created new opportunities for Catalyst to plan two professional events with over 180 attendees in both Stafford, Virginia and San Diego, California and a relationship with USARMIID to create marketing materials and procedures. Our corporate and team-level capacity for integration has emerged as the driving undercurrent of our success.

Integration is foundational to Catalyst’s core capabilities- not just for producing winning technologies or systems but for producing winning teams, programs, and operational stakeholder communities. At Catalyst we integrate ideas into innovative concepts, diverse talent into multi- disciplinary teams, technologies into coherent system-based solutions, and new capabilities into an effective operational force. Our success stories have highlighted Catalyst’s distinct capability to move technical programs from concept to development and delivery in a thorough and expeditious manner.

At our core we are Marines – ready to be first on the scene when problems arise and collectively trained with the skills to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle. We are inspired by the integrative strengths of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). – a force that delivers critical responses and provides sufficient and sustained stability for prolonged operations, despite inherent mission-complexities and logistical challenges. Our greatest mission at Catalyst is to provide customers with innovative and agile solutions that lead to sustainment by integrating and deploying the strengths of our multi-disciplinary team – a team ready to take on complex problems and deliver swift resolution.

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